Business Relationship

Gabriela  Alcantara
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Gabriela  Alcantara
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This mind map presents how to build a business relationshipç

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Business Relationship
  1. Between buyers and sellers
    1. Single time transaction
      1. A years relationship
        1. Multiple sales
      2. Relationship Spectrum
        1. Transaction Based
          1. Short Term
            1. Focus
              1. Sales and Price
              2. Low interest in other
                1. Low trust
                  1. Low commitment
                    1. Single Transaction
                    2. Relationship Based
                      1. Long term
                        1. Mutual Win Focus
                          1. High interest in other
                            1. High trust
                              1. High commitment
                                1. Multiple transaction over time
                              2. How to Build it?
                                1. Awareness
                                  1. Identify and qualify
                                    1. Potential providers and prospects
                                  2. Exploration
                                    1. Explore costs and benefits of partnering
                                      1. Fit between needs and capabilities
                                      2. Expansion
                                        1. Relationship becomes deeper
                                          1. More frequent exchanges
                                        2. Commitment
                                          1. Share goals, interests and info
                                            1. Achieve mutually beneficial gains
                                            2. Disolution
                                              1. May or not May happen
                                                1. Because of
                                                  1. Performance problems
                                                    1. Changes in needs
                                                      1. Changes in circunstances
                                                        1. Others
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