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The Cult of personality


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The Cult of personality
  1. Education
    1. Stalin labelled a hero in history books
      1. Disgraced party members were taken out of history books
        1. Children expected(virtually compulsory) to join 'Young Pioneers'
          1. Children learnt of communist ideology
            1. Formed youth -evaluate new recruits
          2. Propaganda
            1. Pictures, poster and statues calling him a hero were everywhere
              1. Stalin squares, avenues... in every town
                1. Regular processions praising Stalin
                  1. Radio loudspeakers proclaiming greatness of communism were set up in towns+cities
                  2. Religion
                    1. Banned- people encouraged to worship Stalin
                    2. Culture and Arts
                      1. Everything carefully monitored by NKVD
                        1. Poets and playwrights praised Stalin and communism
                          1. Patriotic films
                            1. Soviet stars were looked for, old, none-soviet ones disregarded
                              1. Some stars said to like communism even though didn't
                              2. Music had to present perfect party lines
                              3. Speeches
                                1. Stalin was a good speaker and his speeches often exaggerated how well Russia was doing
                                2. Re-wrote history
                                  1. History re-written so Lenin and Stalin were the only real heroes of the 1921 Revolution
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