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cooking methods


how to cook food
Cedric Amaniampo
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Cedric Amaniampo
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cooking methods
  1. dry heat
    1. indirect heat
      1. direct heat
        1. larding
          1. barding
            1. marinating
              1. broiling
                1. sauteing
                  1. pan frying
                    1. stir frying
                      1. stir frying uses high heat with a small amount of fat.
                      2. deep frying
                        1. deep frying is food submerged in hot oil until it is done
                        2. pan frying uses small amount of heat but with less intense heat
                        3. sauteing cooks food quickly using a small amount of fat over moderate heat
                      3. grilling
                        1. method where food is cooked on a grill
                        2. roasting
                          1. baking
                            1. baking and roasting is cooking with hot dry heat in oven
                        3. moist heat
                          1. boiling
                            1. simmering
                              1. food submerged in liquid that is a constant, moderate temperature.
                              2. poaching
                                1. show some motion but no air bubble should show
                                2. blanching
                                  1. variation of boiling
                                  2. steaming
                                  3. broiling uses a source of high heat above the food to cook food rapidly
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