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brief revision on cells
Sam Kinch
Mind Map by Sam Kinch, updated more than 1 year ago
Sam Kinch
Created by Sam Kinch over 6 years ago

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  1. Animal Cells
    1. Things they have in common
      1. cell Membrain
        1. A nucleus
          1. Mitochondria
            1. Ribosomes
          2. Plant cells
              1. cytoplasm
              2. Things that only plant cells have.
                1. Cell wall
                  1. Chloroplast
                    1. Vacuole
                  2. Specialised cells
                    1. Sperm cell
                      1. this cell is used to fertilise a womans egg
                        1. It has a long tail so that it can swim fast
                        2. Nerve cells
                          1. This is used to carry nerve impulses to different parts of the body
                            1. it is long, connects at each end and carries electrical signals
                            2. Root hair cell
                              1. this is used to absorb water and minerals
                                1. it has a large surface area
                                2. Muscle cells
                                  1. this is used to let the body move and to protect the bone.
                                    1. they have a lattice structure
                                  2. Bacteria cell
                                      1. Yeast cell
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