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Noughts and crosses


Mind Map on Noughts and crosses, created by journeyloretta99 on 10/22/2015.
Mind Map by journeyloretta99, updated more than 1 year ago
Created by journeyloretta99 over 6 years ago

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Noughts and crosses
  1. sephy
    1. conflicts
      1. lynettes funeral
        1. naivety
          1. after all the conflict between noughts and crosses hating eachother and sephys father
        2. sephy sits with blankers at school
          1. bravery
            1. The noughts not being alould to be around the crosses, the crosses getting in big trouble if caught with blankers
      2. callum
        1. conflicted
          1. Callum always seems to do something wrong even if he isn't trying to.
          2. honesty
            1. when he asks on of his teachers why he gets treated so badly, although he knew the answer he still wanted everyone to get along
            2. smart
              1. callum is a very smart indivudal in many different ways
              2. Trusting
                1. callum always tried to keep his promises, even if they were impossible to keep he still tried his hardest
              3. noughts and crosses is based in a dystopian world where the darer skin is more superior then the lighter skin
                1. Crosses- dark skinned, smart, supeior, wealthy, somewhat happy
                  1. noughts, light skinned, blank minded- blankers, dumb, insupeior, poor or middle-classed, depressed
                  2. historical events
                    1. adolf hitler
                      1. sephys father wanted to kill of all noughts even though the crosses already ruled
                      2. Martin luther king jr
                        1. just like callum and sephy wanted to fix segregation between the two, and wanted everyone to live in peace and not get treated differently based on their skin type.
                        2. romeo and juliet
                          1. like callum and sephy, both of their parents are trying to keep them apart, they should'nt be together
                        3. messages from the author
                          1. Nobody is perfect based off their wealth or apperance
                            1. If you're brave and stand up for what you believe in them it might help towards chanigng it, like in callums sake the segreagation
                              1. Not everybody can understand your situation intill their in the situation themselves
                                1. That segreation and racism is powered by greed and power
                                  1. although segregation is a strong force keeping people apart it can also cause the oppisite effect, like sephy and callums love was stronger than the force of racism
                                    1. That love may not be how it seems to the younger viewers, love is more complicated and how love can't keep you together based off other accidents
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