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Psychology (Psychopathology) Mind Map on Schizophrenia, created by Daniel Johnston on 11/24/2013.

Daniel Johnston
Created by Daniel Johnston almost 6 years ago
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AS Psychology - Psychopathology
1 DSM - Two or more
1.1 Delusions
1.2 Hallucinations
1.3 Disorganized speech
1.4 Disorganized or catatonic behaviour
1.5 Negative symptoms
2 5 Main Types
2.1 * Catatonic
2.2 * Disorganised
2.3 * Paranoid
2.4 Undifferentiated
2.5 Residual
3 Symptoms
3.1 Postive
3.1.1 Represent a change in behaviour or thoughts, such as hallucinations or delusions.
3.2 Negative
3.2.1 Represent a withdrawal or lack of function which you would usually expect to see in a healthy person.
4 Severe disruptions in psychological functioning and a loss of contact with reality.
5 Psychotic illness - Sometimes a person may not be able to distinguish their own thoughts and ideas from reality.
6 Socially withdrawn
7 First symptoms often develop during adolescence and changes can be mistaken for an adolescent 'phase'.
8 One of the most common serious mental health conditions
9 About 1 in 100 people will experience schizophrenia in their lifetime, with many continuing to lead normal lives.
10 Most often diagnosed between the ages of 15 and 35.
11 Men and women are equally affected.
12 Kraepelin (1896)
12.1 Dementia Praecox
12.2 Manic-Depressive Psychosis

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