What I know about Ancient Greece

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Ancient Greece Mind Map

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What I know about Ancient Greece
  1. Geography
    1. Over 70% of the land of Greece is mountains.
      1. Greece is surrounded by sea.
        1. Many scattered mountains
          1. When they trade, they sail to make the trade easier for the countries.
          2. History
            1. Has many ancient building ruins.
            2. History
              1. Has many ancient building ruins.
                1. The very first Olympics was held there.
                2. There are many mythes and ledgends
                  1. Of Goddess and Gods
                    1. MOnsters
                      1. Mysterious languages
                      2. Many different types of food.
                        1. Olives
                          1. Yogurt
                            1. Cheese
                              1. Wine
                                1. Sausages
                                  1. Honey
                                    1. Salad
                                    2. JObs
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