My training plan

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My training plan

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My training plan
  1. Core skills
    1. Technical knowledge
      1. Practical ability
        1. Mathematics
          1. Linear and Discrete Optimization
            1. Coursera: École Polytevnique féderal de Lausanne
          2. Technology
            1. Natural Language Processing
              1. Coursera: Stanford
        2. Proficiency in languages
          1. Understanding other languages and familiarity with technical language.
            1. English Composition I
              1. Coursera: Duke University
          2. Engineering
            1. Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering
              1. Coursera: RICE Univertisy
              2. Applications in Engineering Mechanics
                1. Coursera: GEORGIA INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY
            2. Soft skills
              1. Communication
                1. Engineers tend to prioritize technical skills over communication skills, not realizing that they cannot be fully effective in their jobs if they are inadequate speakers, writers, and listeners.
                  1. Intercultural Communication and Conflict Resolution
                    1. Coursera: UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, IRVINE
                2. Creativity
                  1. Innovation thrives on breakthrough thinking, nimbleness, and empowerment. Organizations often depend on big ideas and creative employees to develop innovative products and services.
                    1. Creativity, Innovation, and Change
                      1. Coursera: THE PENNSYLVANIA STATE UNIVERSITY
                  2. Leadership
                    1. Engineers can develop or hone certain leadership skills or attributes to foster personal and professional success.
                      1. High Performance Collaboration: Leadership, Teamwork, and Negotiation
                        1. Coursera: NorthWestern University
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