Rickshaw Bank

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This is a case study of rickshaw bank of Dr. Pradeep Sharma

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Rickshaw Bank
1 Founder: Dr. Pradeep Sarmah and CRD (anNGO)
2 Founder Dr Pradeep Sharma and CRD
3 How idea born?
3.1 DR. Sarmah travelled in a man rickshaw,
3.2 He chat and found they do not own it
3.3 No financial security
4 Did it find an issue?
4.1 Yes
4.1.1 Social problem address Economic empowerment Better rickshaw How it addressed the problem Micro leasing Insurance to the passenger, rickshaw puller
5 What does it do
5.1 Rickshaw Bank provides a means of self-employment to the poor and the marginalized rickshaw community by offering a “rent-to-own” financing option for rickshaws
6 What social innovation it did?
6.1 Micro leasing
6.2 Expanded category
6.3 Redesigned constantly with IIT
6.4 Momo, school, garbage, solar, fish, vegetable carts
7 Business model
7.1 Not for profit
7.2 Hybrid
7.3 For profit
7.4 Sustainable development
8 Sustainability
8.1 Target population: 8Million rickshaw puller
8.2 Offering add on services
8.3 Challenges
8.3.1 Threat from competitors
8.3.2 Government regulations
8.3.3 Payment default
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