Nazis Consolidation of Power 1933-1934

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Nazis Consolidation of Power 1933-1934
1 January 1933
1.1 30th Hitler appointed Chancellor
1.2 Only 3 Nazi Cabinet members; Hitler, Goering, Frick
1.3 Hindenburg agrees to dissolve Reichstag on 1st Feb and hold new elections. Hitler hopes to gain 2/3 majority
2 February 1933
2.1 27th Reichstag Fire
2.1.1 Suspected arson by Dutch Communist
2.1.2 Nazis took advantage to show a communist threat
2.2 Decree for the Protection of the People and the State
2.2.1 Issued by Hindenburg using Article 48
2.2.2 Gave secret police ability to hold people indefinitely in protective custody
2.2.3 Used to repress KPD
3 March 1933
3.1 Highest ever voter turnout with 88.8%
3.2 Nazis only got 44% of votes
3.3 Government used control over radio and police to intimidate opponents
3.4 Goebbels appointed new Minister of Propaganda
3.5 24th Enabling Act
3.5.1 Passed 441 to 94 (only SPD voted against)
3.5.2 Kroll Opera House
3.5.3 Emergency powers for 4 years
4 April 1933
4.1 1st One Day Boycott of Jewish shops
4.2 Law for Restoration of Professional Civil Service
4.2.1 Administration, courts, schools, and universities purged of "alien elements"
5 May 1933
5.1 1st May-Day Holiday turned into Day of National Labour
5.2 2nd Trade Union offices seized, all union incorporated into German Labour Front
6 June 1933
6.1 Major public work schemes such as Autoban
7 July 1933
7.1 14th Law against formation of New Parties
7.1.1 KPD and SPD already banned
7.1.2 Other parties dissolved themselves
7.2 20th Concordant with the Church
7.2.1 Church banned from political activities
7.2.2 Religious Freedom granted by Government
8 October 1933
8.1 14th Reichstag disolved
9 November 1933
9.1 Nazi Candidates win 92% of vote
10 January 1934
10.1 Law for the Reconstruction of the State
10.1.1 From March, many local governments overthrown by SA violence
10.1.2 Elected State assemblies dissolved
10.1.3 Reich Governors created to run states
11 June 1934
11.1 Night of Long Knives
11.1.1 SS shot many SA leaders
11.1.2 Others killed such as Von Papen and Edgar Jung
11.1.3 Appeased Hitler's conservative supporters
12 August 1934
12.1 1st Law Concerning the Head of State of the German Reich mergers the offices of the President and Chancellor in the new position of Reich Chancellor
12.2 2nd Hindenburg dies
12.3 Army swears personal oath of loyalty to Hitler

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