MLibrary Committees

Ben Howell
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Ben Howell
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An overview of MLibrary Committees their Interrelationships, members and projects

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MLibrary Committees
  1. ERSC (Electronic Resources Steering Committee)
    1. PARC ( Public Access Resources Committee
      1. Public facing online resources/Services
    2. Accessibility Staff
      1. Colin Fulton
        1. Front-End Architect
          1. Accessibility Specialist
          2. Stephanie Rossen
            1. Accessibility Specialist
              1. Teaching and Learning Librarian
            2. Web Content Coordinator Group
              1. Rep from Lib Div
                1. Rep from Lib Div
                  1. Rep from Lib Div
                  2. Web Committee
                    1. UX Manager (Head of Committee)
                    2. Web Accessibility Working Group
                      1. Scott Williams
                        1. Coordinates Room Reservations
                        2. Librarians Forum
                          1. Librarians Staff Meeting
                            1. Monthly
                            2. Staff forum
                              1. Non-Librarian Staff
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