Did the 1920's Roar in Canada?? YES!!!

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Did the 1920's Roar in Canada?? YES!!!
  1. New inventions!!!
    1. Model T Invented by Henry Ford made the 20’s roar because cars are a great way to promote the economy and they’re a convenient way to travel, transportation made traveling easier and makes Canada roar because the economy improves.
      1. Canadian inventor, Fredrick Banting, he made the twenties roar because he changed the world by inventing insulin which regulates glucose in the blood, lack of insulin causes diabetes. He helped Canada roar becasue curing people with diabites is exiting!! Fredrick helped the world.
      2. Achievement in sports
        1. In 1928 Olympics, Canada’s woman team scored more points than any other nation!! This helped Canada roar because everyone is hyped and roaring!!
          1. Edmonton grads were a woman’s basketball team; because they were a winning team they made the 1920’s roar because winning means cheering and fun. What’s better than that?!
          2. Woman's Achievement
            1. Emily Murphy made Canada roar because she created the Dower act, which allows woman to own 1/3 of their husbands property, she also helped women to go to court and to be tried by female judges, she helped women in general and this helps Canada roar in the 1920’s because women were aloud to vote which means being proud and celebrating!
              1. Nellie Mclung also helped Canada roar by making women legal persons in senate along with the other members of the group of five. She helped improve factory conditions for women and fought for women’s suffrage! This made Canada roar because all female want to celebrate and be proud of there rights!! Female are more free than they were before the war.
                1. Flappers were the woman who celebrated by drinking, smoking, dressing up and doing other fun things like dancing. They were a common symbol for the roaring twenties and they were happy for there rights as well as the war being finally over.
                2. Entertainment and culture
                  1. Music and culture made Canada roar in the 1920's because it improves social atmosphere for people who worked hard, it gave them an outlet to blow off steam.
                    1. Movies is also an outlet for people to de-stress, for people who worked hard in a thriving economy.
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