Chapter 8: Everyday Memory and Memory Errors

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Autobiographical memory

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Chapter 8: Everyday Memory and Memory Errors
  1. Autobiographical Memory (AM)
    1. Recollected events from a person's past, Mental time travel
    2. Reminiscence Bump
      1. The enhanced memory for adolescence and young adulthood found in people over 40
        1. Memory is high for recent events, and events between the ages of 10 and 30
        2. Theory 1
          1. Self-image hypothesis
            1. Memory is better for events while self-image is forming
              1. People self-image usually forms during adolescence and childhood
            2. Theory 2
              1. Cognitive Hypothesis
                1. Encoding is better during periods of rapid change that are followed by stability
              2. Theory 3
                1. Cultural life-script hypothesis
                  1. Each person has: Personal life story and an understanding of culturally expected events
                    1. Personal events are easier to recall when they fit the cultural life script
                2. Flashbulb Memory
                  1. Memory for circumstances surrounding shocking, highly charged important events
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