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Precedents set by George Washington and the Supreme Court


These are precedents set by George Washington and the US supreme court
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Precedents set by George Washington and the Supreme Court
  1. George Washington
    1. Made a cabinet
      1. Treasurer- Alexander Hamilton
        1. 3 step plan to get US out of debt
          1. Create National Bank
            1. Instill Tariffs
              1. Whiskey Tax
                1. Get US out of debt
              2. Secretary of State- Thomas Jefferson
                1. Secretary of War- Henry Knox
                  1. Attorney General- Edmund Randolph
                    1. Was fired for taking bribes from French
                  2. Mr. President
                    1. Maintained neutrality
                      1. No response to public attacks
                      2. Supreme Court
                        1. Marbury vs Madison
                          1. Jefferson and Madison (current Secretary of State) doesn't let Marbury be Secretary of State because he was not sworn in while Adams was president
                            1. Supreme Court said act by Jefferson was unconstitutional, however Marbury could not get his job because it conflicted with other laws.
                              1. Sets Judicial Review Precedent
                              2. McCollough vs Maryland
                                1. Maryland tried to tax the national bank, but national bank (McCollough was head of National Bank in Maryland) will not be taxed
                                  1. Supreme Court sides with National Bank because National Bank was allowed by constitution and because federal law is greater than State Law.
                                    1. Sets Precedent that Federal law is better than state law
                                    2. Worcester vs Georgia
                                      1. Jackson wants to move Indians in Georgia because of gold there, and the ones in Mississippi because of good farmland, Indians get 15 million acres in Oklahoma.
                                        1. Supreme Court says that they can't do it because America doesn't have rule over other nations (Cherokee nation)
                                          1. Set precedent that US cannot rule over another nation
                                            1. Jackson ignores.
                                              1. Creates Trail of Tears
                                                1. Wipes out a lot of Indiansg
                                                  1. Everyone was afriad of Jackson, so they didn't stop him. He should have been impeached/
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