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1.1 Why? our team like and preferred this charity to any other charity we listened to. Due to the fact that it is for youths like us who do not get the opportunity to enjoy the outside world without any worried about a family member wiht mdecial condition makes it more vunerable and sensitive.
1.1.1 WHAT? we are going to raise awareness and fund raise for this charity. HOW? CAKE SALE, PERFORMANCE, MUFTI DAY, SPONSORED SILENCE, and maybe hold a fundraising breakfast. Banner from the young carers service promotional materials ASSEMBLY FOR ALL YEARS IN SIXTH FORM AND COLLEGE ELLA and RACHEL WHEN:? As soon as we have the approvals from the principle and head of sixth form. VICTORIA, DERRICK, ESEOSA,TYCHAY,MANSUR, RUBI AND CHINWE. PRESENTATION VIDEO From Jo Johnson Via Email. Number: 07944864649 SOCIAL MEDIA FACEBOOK PAGE FOR OUR GROUP to add friends and family Set up a just giving page for any donations SPONSORSHIP from companies like Wilko, Tesco, Costcutter, etc. WHEN: Basically when we can till November the 28th Where: In school, Wellinborough Tesco, Northampton town Centre WHO? our fellow students, people in our community.
2.1 Project manager: Chinwe
2.1.1 Assitant Project Mananger: Tychay
2.2 Accounts Manager : Arend
2.3 Advertising Manager: Victoria
2.3.1 Advertising assistance manager: Mansur
2.4 Fundraising Manager: Ella
2.4.1 Assistant Fundraising Manager: Derrick
2.5 Graduation Lead: Rubichanel
2.5.1 Assistant Graduation Lead: Rachel
2.6 Resource Manager: Eseosa
3.1 WHY? Our team picked Cransley hospice as our second project because it was suggested by one of our team members, Arend as it is has a very special and personal link to him. As well as the fact that our team were contented with the idea of raising awareness and fundraising for this hospice due to the fact that it contrasts with the other organisation we have chosen to do. This way, we are helping both the young and the elderly in some ways for our social action pack.
3.1.1 WHAT? we are going to fund raise and raise awareness. When? Before the 28th of November and WE ALSO NEED TO INFORM THEM IN ADVANCE OF ANY EVENT WE ARE PLANNING IN ORDER FOR THEM TO HELP US WITH PRESS AND ANY OTHER THING THEY CAN PROVIDE FOR US. HOW? CAKE SALE . ASSEMBLY TO RAISE AWARENESS,, ON THE WEBSITE:, THEY MENTIONED WAYS THAT WE COULD HELP WHICH INCLUDES: RECYCLING: basically they will receive this and turn into cash (go to website to see) Jewellery (real ones) Broken Chains Old watches Foreign currency used stamps Old Phones DONATIONS: FUNDRAISING for the hospice Donating clothes, Handbags, shoes, Bric A Brac (I looked on google images and this is like clocks, ceramic cups & plates and mugs and other stuffs etc) to their charity shop. (MAYBE) Any other ideas? I know we didn't really discuss this... FUNDRAISING INFORMATION CALL: 01536 452423 They provide us with : Banner, fundrasing bucket etc.
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