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Elements Of The Novel The Forgotten Army by William Gamache


Here is my mind map for my Q2 book project.
William Gamache
Mind Map by William Gamache, updated more than 1 year ago
William Gamache
Created by William Gamache over 6 years ago

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Elements Of The Novel The Forgotten Army by William Gamache
  1. Characters
    1. Amy Pond
      1. Brave
        1. Bossy
        2. Sam Horwitz
          1. Cowerdish
            1. Fearful
            2. Doctor Who
              1. Crazyish
                1. Smart
              2. Theme
                1. Looks can be deceiving
                  1. A frozen mammoth was full of mini aliens
                  2. Setting
                    1. New York City
                      1. 2010
                      2. Main Conflict
                        1. Aliens are invading New York City
                          1. A scientist dug up a woolly mammoth full of mini Aliens
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