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Audience Profile
1 Age/Gender/Life Stage
1.1 Indie Pop is a genre that is not gender specific as it started from a mixture of Indie Rock and Girl pop groups. Therefore it is aimed at both males and females. I believe that it would be aimed at ages between 16-24 which makes it more accessible, the life stage of these people would be Young Adults (between Secondary School and University) because they would be the people most involved in the life and culture that surrounds Indie Pop and it links to the music about being independent and at this age is when you get the most amount 'freedom' at this age.
1.1.1 I believe that the social category for my target audience would be D or E because they are students therefore they would really be working they much and if they were it would be part time.
2 Beliefs and Attitudes
2.1 I think the beliefs of my target audience would be having a relaxed attitude towards life and believe in making the most of life. Although I belief that they would also have a slight sense of rebellion but this may be to do with their age.
3 Brands they would use/ Like
3.1 As the genre is quite creative, I believe that this would lend my target audience to have a creative choice in the other brands that they would use
3.1.1 Clothing: Topshop/Topman, Ubran Outfitters, ASOS , Vans, Converse, Tommy Hilfiger
3.1.2 Would Enjoy Vintage markets to find jewellery or decorations for bedroom as its reasonably cheap and all of the stuff would be unique
3.1.3 Music: Would be a fan of both physical and digital copies of music, they would enjoy going to shops and buying vinyls but also having music on their phones so that they are surrounded by it at all times as I believe that music would play a al arge part in their life.
3.1.4 Websites: Tumblr, Rolling Stones Magazine SoundCloud, YouTube
4 Other Music They might like
4.1 They would like music from the same genre such as Imagine Dragons, Lorde, Florence and the Machine and Of Monsters and Men. But because of the creativity of the genre I think that this would mean that it may blend with other genre such as Pop or Rock, liking bands such as Fall Out Boy or artist such as Sam Smith.
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