Target Audience

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Media audience profile

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Target Audience
  1. Primary
    1. Classes C2, D and E
      1. These are the classes in which our target age and gender fit into. Our film is also available for other members of these classes to enjoy.
      2. Ages 14-21
        1. This age group was selected because the film will relate to 14-21 year olds.
        2. Female
          1. This is our target audience because the characters in the film are female and the storyline mostly relates to females.
        3. Secondary
          1. Males
            1. Class C2, D and E
              1. Age 14-21
                1. Although males are under Secondary, we believe that some maybe our primary due to interest and viewing the film with female companions.
                2. Parents/Adults
                  1. 22-40
                    1. Our story line is suited to fit all age 13 and aboves understanding. therefore we could potentially have older viewers from this secondary audience profile.
                      1. Class C1, C2, D and E
                    2. Niche
                      1. Our Film opening will be produced to appeal to a niche audience rather than a mass audience.
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