Mackenzie Cox

Mackenzie Cox
Mind Map by Mackenzie Cox, updated more than 1 year ago
Mackenzie Cox
Created by Mackenzie Cox about 6 years ago


Here is a map of my 5 core values

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Mackenzie Cox
  1. Family & Friends
    1. Support System
      1. Love
        1. Laughter
          1. Wisdom
          2. Work
            1. Teamwork
              1. Leadership
                1. Drive
                  1. Calling/Stewardship
                  2. Honesty
                    1. Loyal
                      1. Character
                        1. Good/Right
                        2. Individuality
                          1. Easy-going
                            1. Humor
                              1. Sports
                                1. Green
                                2. Food
                                  1. Necessity
                                    1. Relationships
                                      1. Conversation
                                        1. Love
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