Jalisco's Agenda

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Jalisco's Agenda
  1. Objetive
    1. Make Jalisco the leader in entrepreneurship in innovative technology companies.
      1. Agrifood Innovation
        1. Technological development and innovation in the area of health sciences.
          1. Develop innovation in the field of IT in the areas of health, IoT and Big Data.
          2. Structure of Governance of the Agenda
            1. Management Committee
              1. Responsible decision making: SECITI, COECYTJAL
              2. Advisory group
                1. Advice to Management Committee: CINVESTAV, IPN,CIATEJ, ITESO, ITESM, COPARMEX
                2. Sector Tables
                  1. Define the specific strategy for each area of specialization, select projects: majority ownership of companies
                3. Its creation had the participation of 54 institutions and 95 participants: academy, private sector, government, business organizations, and others.
                  1. State of Jalisco:
                    1. 2 Seaports: Puerto Vallarta and Manzanillo port
                      1. Two international airports, 3 national airports
                        1. Converge three railways that connect to the US border
                          1. Only state in Mexico with SICyT
                            1. Major representation of GDP: Commerce, Food Industry, beverages and snuff
                              1. 47 industrial parks and 4 technological parks
                                1. 15 research centers
                                2. Selected areas of specialization
                                  1. Agricultural and food industry
                                    1. Traditional products of the state
                                      1. Optimization of the primary sector to reduce losses • Diversification of agave derivatives • Meat Dairy, egg and chicken • Development of improved and disease-resistant species • Development of value added products from traditional products
                                      2. Berries and blackberries
                                        1. Production of high-value fruits and source of nutraceuticals • Development of improved species • Technificationof production • Development of extraction processes and micro encapsulation of active compounds • Development of personalized nutrition food
                                        2. Diversification derived from tropical fruits
                                          1. Systems-product: mango, coconut, tamarind, cocoa, coffee and banana • Optimization of the primary sector to reduce losses • Promotion of protected agriculture • Development of value added products from waste products
                                          2. Organic foods
                                            1. Improving the quality of food • Optimization of production and reduction of the impact on the environment • Production of free preservatives food • Creating a brand name of origin and production traceability • Development of materials for organic agriculture
                                            2. Functional Foods
                                              1. Development of extraction processes and development of nutritional assets, especially from natural elements and traditional cultures of the state • Nutrigenomics and nutraceutical • Prebiotics and probiotics food • Development of functional foods and prevention of metabolic syndrome • Food supplements of high efficiency
                                              2. Technification of the field
                                                1. Development of intelligent production systems • IoT1 and Big Data2 systems for decision-making in the field • Transfer of technology to the field Program • Protected and under roof Agriculture • Creation of production companies of innovative inputs to the field • Development of technologies for precise agriculture
                                                2. Food safety and security
                                                  1. • Local Regulation of technological developments on food security • Development, technology transfer and training of primary producers • Observatories market to international standards
                                                3. Health and pharmaceutical industry
                                                  1. Chronic degenerative diseases
                                                    1. • Development of elements of diagnosis and treatment for diseases of metabolic syndrome • Functional foods for metabolic syndrome • Geriatric Medicine • Treatment of renal diseases • Diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular and respiratory diseases • Molecular Biomedicine
                                                    2. High Tech for Healthcare
                                                      1. • Patient connected systems: monitoring, tele-health and tele-care • Electronic Medical Record, thematic networks and the use of tic for health administration • Health services provided by mobile phones and wireless devices for patient monitoring • New and innovative ways of teaching massive scope • Development of biomedical equipment
                                                      2. Regenerative medicine
                                                        1. • Cell Therapy • Tissue and nanotechnology engineering • Recombinant proteins • Translational Regenerative Medicine • Molecular diagnosis
                                                        2. Biopharmaceutical
                                                          1. • Biotechnology focused on diabetes and other metabolic diseases • Translational Medicine • Development of biopharmaceuticals for respiratory disease • Development of infrastructure of clinical and pre-clinical tests • Broadcasting of good use of medicines • Industrialization of production of biopharmaceuticals
                                                          2. Oncology
                                                            1. • Development and evaluation of biomarkers of tumor diagnosis • Research and implementation of diagnostic devices for oncological diseases • Treatment against cancer • Adjuvants and adjuvant treatments • Linking Program: academy-industry-hospitals • Translational Medicine • immunomodulation and vaccine
                                                            2. Nutrigenomics and nutrigenetics
                                                              1. • Population Genotyping • Definition of nutritional guidelines by geographic region • Development of extraction processes and development of nutritional assets • Prebiotics and probiotics
                                                            3. IT and creative industry
                                                              1. Gaming
                                                                1. • Mobile gaming, tracking2 systems and monetization• Serious gaming and casual games • Educational interactive video games • Use of new technologies in gaming • Specialized training
                                                                2. Digital Animation
                                                                  1. • Animated films • Web Mini-series development and content monetization • 2D and 3D Animation • Development of interactive applications for mobile viewing • Simulation systems adaptable to other industries
                                                                  2. Big Data
                                                                    1. • Open Data Systems • Rendering of Big Data and visualization • Analytics and Business Analytics • Use of information for decision making • Governance and Security System • Training of experts in the area of Big Data and Analytics
                                                                    2. Cloud Computing Systems
                                                                      1. • Infrastructure (compute5, storage 6 network7) • Platform on Cloud 8 for mobile application development • Cloud Computing9 for mipyme • Infrastructure and Services for Cloud Computing • Development and hosting of Cloud Computing • Virtualization and storage of information
                                                                      2. Internet of Things (IoT)
                                                                        1. • Smart Cities 10 and wearables 11 • Safe processes of safeguard information • Analytic software of first stay reactive information • Development of sensor networks • Use of tic in the health sector • Development of technologies for precise agriculture • Cognitive systems12
                                                                      3. Biotechnology (transverse)
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