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Memory-AS psych, class project


Ongoing in class project for 2nd term.
Snezana Kordovan
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Memory-AS psych, class project
  1. Coding
    1. CODING: Process of converting information from one format to another to be stored. RESEARCH: Alan Baddeley (1966): Acoustically similar words caused more confusion in STM suggesting information is stored on acoustic basis in STM.Small difference between semantically similar and dissimilar lists suggest there is also semantic coding in STM. Semantically similar words caused more confusion in LTM suggesting information is stored on semantic basis in LTM. E: Ecological validity (Artificial stimuli: words no personal meaning).
    2. Capacity
      1. CAPACITY: How much information can one hold at any one time? RESEARCH: Joseph Jacobs (1887) Digit recall mean for numbers 9.5, for letters 7.5 (video). George Miller (1956) observations on every day practice (things come in 7). Chunking makes it easier to remember things-people recall 5 letters and 5 words. (video/exercise). E: Jacobs' study lacks validity due to confounding variables that weren't controlled in early psych research. But later replications confirmed his findings. Cowan (2001) on Miller: evaluated other research: "Miller overestimated the STM capacity. It is only 4 chunks."


        • Digit recall test:  Chunking:
      2. Duration
        1. STM: Peterson&Peterson(1959) RESEARCH: 24 undergrad-8 trials, trigram consonants and 3 numbers/had to say them in reverse as well to stop rehearsal. Recall measured after 3,6,9,12,15,18 sec . The accuracy of recall decreased with the recall interval. STM is short without rehearsal.
          1. LTM: BAhr
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