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Multistore model of memory
Chunking case study Bower and Springston (1970) aim: test the effect of chunking method: 2 groups - 1 experimental (FBI PHD CIA) / 1 control (FB IPH DTW) results: experimental group recalled more than control
free recall aim:investigate free recall and its effect on memory method: gave participants a words to free recall results: recency effect-last few words still in stm primacy effect-other words recalled were those herd first
levels of processing craik and tulving (1975) aim: questions 1.structural 2.phonetic 3.semantic results: st-18% p-50% se-80%
reconstructive approach Bartlett war of the ghosts schemas- added their own meaning
retroactive interference underwood and postman method: learn paired words half then learned second list results: first group remembered better
leading questions Loftus and Palmer 3 groups - 1 control watched car crash - asked speed (hit, smashed) broken glass? smashed32% hit14% control12%
organisation bousfield showed 60 random words from 4 categories free recall recalled words in clusters
context godden and baddeley deep sea divers beach / underwater recall
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