Native American Power Point Project

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Native American Power Point Project
  1. by Mia Tipton, Grade 5 Social Studies
    1. Ojectives: Students will describe early cultures and settlements in North America prior to contact with Europeans. Students will design a power point presentation to present this information. Standards: 5.1.1-5.1.4 (adw)
    2. Students will read and discuss text in class about Native Americans in U.S. history.
      1. Students will complete reviews and workbook pages to assess understanding of context.
        1. Students will use video clips and visual images to enhance reading and understanding of content.
          1. Student will complete power point training session to learn how to design a power point.
            1. Student will be given a rubric and project instructions on what to research for their assigned tribe and what components are needed for their presentation.
              1. Students will research and design an 8 slide power point presentation on their assigned tribe.
      2. Scaffolding Strategies to be used
        1. Show and Tell/ Visuals: pictures and video clips to show reality of Native American life and culture and what a power point presentation looks like
          1. Background Knowledge: students will share their insight and previous knowledge of Native Americans
            1. Graphic Organizer: to help students focus on specific questions to research and answer and organize them by category
              1. Read Aloud: reading the text aloud as a class and taking/copying notes to reinforce significant events, people, and ideas
                1. PreTeach Vocabulary: reviewing the vocabulary words and using them in context while reading
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