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The Walk On


this book is awesome and exiting and sporty
Logan Tuggle
Mind Map by Logan Tuggle, updated more than 1 year ago
Logan Tuggle
Created by Logan Tuggle over 6 years ago

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The Walk On
  1. Settings
    1. On the football field
      1. At home
        1. School
        2. Charictors
          1. Matt Gordon
            1. Supportive
            2. Christine
              1. Trustworthy reporter
              2. Goldie/Alex Myers
                1. Good thrower, responsible
                2. Jake
                  1. Supportive
                  2. Coach Gordon
                    1. Mean
                    2. Coach Hillier
                      1. Respectfull
                    3. Cause of Conflict
                      1. Alex is the 3rd string QB who hardly gets to go out on the field and play because the starter is the coaches son
                      2. How the conflict is resolved
                        1. Alex becomes friends with Mat Gordon the coaches son also the starting QB and Mat tries to get hurt so Alex can have a chance to show what he is all about
                        2. Theme
                          1. Message of the story
                            1. If you put your heart into something then you can achieve the impossible
                            2. How the message was brought out in the book
                              1. The message was brought out in the book by Alex giving football his all and doing in what he believes in
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