Parcel Couriers

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Parcel Couriers
  1. Logo: A vector image that describe the type of service that the company provides. A very simple logo and memorable.
    1. Text: A simple and bigger size font that match the background. The text will be short but with all the information that the public need to know.
      1. The colors will be subdued, as soon as young adults and adults mostly like this color effect.
        1. Pale grey, beige and brown.
        2. Images: The images that will be added to the digital graphic have to give the public the impression of speed. They have to give the influence to the public that the company service is worthy.
          1. Black Background: The text and the images are white and pale, so the dark background is good. This can even benefit the medical condition of some individual as soon as the dark background reduces the eye fatigue.
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