origins of psychology

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AS - Level psychology (chapter 4 - approaches in psychology ) Mind Map on origins of psychology, created by Daisy U on 11/03/2015.

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Daisy  U
Created by Daisy U about 4 years ago
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origins of psychology
1 key terms
1.1 psychology


  • a scientific study of the huma mind and its functions, especially those functions affecting behaviour in a given context  
1.2 science


  • a means of acquiring knowledge through systematic and objective investigation. the aim is todiscover general laws.
1.3 introspection


  • the first systematic experimental attempt to study the mind by breaking up conscious awareness into basic structures of thoughts, images and sensations
2 Wundt
2.1 first lab opened Leipzig Germany 1879
2.1.1 to document and describe human conscience
2.1.2 isolating structures (structuralism)
2.2 control
2.2.1 used scientific methods
2.2.2 recorded under strict controlled conditions using the same stimulus each time
2.3 standardised
2.3.1 same instructions each time repeated (replicable) results
3 psychology as a science
3.1 early behaviourists
3.1.1 1913 Watson question introspection data was subjective varied from person to person only observable characteristics can be measured this lead to the behaviourist approach
3.2 scientific approach
3.2.1 focused on scientific approaches in a lab modern day tech eeg fmri
4 philosophy
4.1 C16 Decartes suggested mind was independent to body
4.2 C17 experience obtained by senses (behaviourist)
4.2.1 don't inherit knowledge or instincts
4.3 C18 Darwin theory of evolution (biological)

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