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A mind-map about proteins for GCSE Biology students (B2 module).

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  1. Proteins are made from long chains of amino acids.
    1. They fold to make different shapes.
      1. Proteins act as: Structural components of tissues, hormones, antibodies, enzymes
      2. Enzymes are proteins and biological catalysts.
        1. Smaller molecules fit into enzymes.
          1. These molecules are called 'substrates'. They fit perfectly into the enzyme's active site.
            1. If an enzyme changes shape, the active site will also change shape. This is called being denatured.
              1. Enzymes can be denatured by high temperatures or change in pH.
          2. There are different types of enzymes.
            1. Amylase: Starch > sugars, produced by salivary gland, pancreas and small intestine.
              1. Lipase: Lipids > fatty acids + glycerol, produced by pancreas and small intestine.
                1. Protease: Proteins > amino acids, produced by stomach, pancreas and small intestine.
                2. The stomach produces hydrochloric acid.
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