New Space Value

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New Space team value

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New Space Value
  1. Deliver efficiencies and improve future flexibility
    1. Standards
      1. Deliver Existing Standards
        1. All concepts NSG sign off
          1. Any New Concepts has a Core Trading Mandate
        2. Architecture
          1. Monolithic floors
            1. SAS tiled ceilings
              1. Shopfit walls
              2. Operations
                1. Use of technology to enable efficient Patner operations
                  1. Rationalise Back of House space to meet Shop of Future and Leon ambitions
                  2. Programme
                    1. Reduce design and delivery time to save costs
                      1. Right Information at Right Time
                      2. Budgets
                        1. Capital and Revenue cost savings
                          1. Scope for more VM to delight customers
                        2. Scope Management
                          1. Deliver latest concepts
                            1. Aligning new concept costs to existing budgets
                              1. Aligning new concept programmes with New Shops programmes
                              2. Financing of concepts
                                1. Process for funding of new concepts
                                2. Change Management
                                  1. New two-step process
                                    1. Control and accountability
                                      1. Tracking of change
                                      2. Magic
                                        1. Technology as a customer experience
                                          1. Use of VM
                                            1. Architectural point of difference
                                              1. Experiential concepts that complement the assortments
                                              2. Briefs
                                                1. Generic briefs
                                                  1. Aligned to scope
                                                2. New Shop openings
                                                  1. 2015
                                                    1. Birmingham
                                                      1. Basingstoke
                                                        1. Horsham
                                                        2. 2016
                                                          1. Leeds
                                                            1. Chelmsford
                                                            2. 2017
                                                              1. Westfield
                                                                1. Oxford
                                                                  1. Cheltenham
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