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1 def: a nutrient that is essential for body energy, insulation and protection
1.1 "it's not how much fat you eat, it's what kind of fat."
1.1.1 what makes fat healthy or unhealthy is its shape
2 oils
2.1 fats that are liquid at room temperature
2.1.1 ex. plants, fish... etc
2.2 lipids: a family of chemical compounds including fats and oils
2.3 animal and fish fats/olive oil have more flavor than vegetable oil
3 the structure
3.1 glycerol
3.2 fatty acids
3.2.1 determines whether fat is solid or liquid/ how good or how bad it is for you
3.2.2 bonds only single bonds = saturated usually bad usually come from animal sources double bonds = unsaturated usually good "partially hydrogenated" cholesterol: a fat like substance made of glucose or saturated fat what about it?? fat like substance in blood found in animal tissues, never plants essential for many body processes produces hormones and bile acids types HDL cholesterol - really good!!! raise saturated fats monounsaturated lower polyunsaturated fats LDL cholesterol - really bad!!! raise saturated fats lower polyunsaturated fats monounsaturated two types: polyunsaturated found in veggies and fish, semi liquid at room temp monounsaturated semi solid or liquid at room temp trans fats (bad) chemically changed to be a solid fat
4 what fat does
4.1 supplies heat (insulation)
4.2 carries vitamin a, d, e, and k
4.2.1 can ONLY dissolve in fats
4.2.2 move around in blood stream, helps you with the assistance of fat molecules
4.3 adds flavor to food
4.4 satisfies hunger
4.5 protects organs (from shock and injury)
4.6 promotes healthy skin
5 visible fats
5.1 fats you can see with your eyes
6 definitions:
6.1 hydrogenation - liquid becomes solid fat
6.2 butter - fat extracted from milk, turned into a solid
6.3 margarine - butter substitute made from plants
6.4 lard - extracted from animal fats
6.5 vegetable oils - oils extracted from plant sources
6.6 vegetable shortenings - a blend of oils hydrogenated to become a solid
6.7 rancid - fats that have begun to decompose
7 more info
7.1 store fats in tightly covered containers
7.2 fats at high temperatures overheat and combust
7.3 never throw water on a grease fire
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