Biological Molecules

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Biological Molecules
1 Carbohydrates
1.1 Polymers
1.2 Glucose
1.2.1 Pentose sugar
1.2.2 Alpha
1.2.3 Beta
1.3 Condensation Reactions
1.3.1 H2O released
1.3.2 Glycosidic Bond
1.4 Hydrolysis Reaction
1.4.1 Polymers broken down by adding H2O
1.5 Benedict's Test
1.5.1 Copper (I) Oxide formed
1.5.2 Blue to red
1.5.3 Reducing sugars only
1.6 Examples
1.6.1 Starch Plants Insoluble in water Doesn't affect water potential Good for storage Iodide Test Potassium Iodide Goes blue-black
1.6.2 Glycogen Animals Highly branched Energy released quickly Very compact Good for storage
1.6.3 Cellulose Beta glucose Straight Chains Hydrogen Bonds Microfibrils Structural Support
2 Lipids
2.1 Triglycerides
2.1.1 Glycerol molecule
2.1.2 Fatty acid tail Hydrophobic
2.1.3 Condensation reactions Formed as ester bond formed
2.2 Saturated
2.3 Unsaturated
2.4 Emulsion Test
2.4.1 Ethanol + Water
2.4.2 Shake
2.4.3 Cloudy Emulsion
3 Proteins
3.1 Amino acid chains
3.2 Condensation Reactions
3.3 Structural Levels
3.3.1 Primary Sequence of amino acids
3.3.2 Secondary Chain folded
3.3.3 Tertiary Coilded more Bonds Hydrogen Disulfide Bridged Ionic
3.3.4 Quarternary Different strands coiled together
3.4 Biuret Test
3.4.1 Add NaOH
3.4.2 Copper (II) Sulfate
3.4.3 Purple
4 Enzymes
4.1 Biological Catalyst
4.2 Lower Ea of a reaction
4.3 Induced Fit model
4.3.1 Active site changes shape to fit substrate
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