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Russia Nya


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Russia Nya
  1. Rulers
    1. Ivan the terrible
      1. Peter the Great
        1. Boyars (land owners)
          1. Catherine the Great
          2. Conflicts
            1. Ivan the Terrible persecuted anyone who went against him
              1. He went mad and killed his son
              2. Achievements
                1. Peter the Great modernized Russia and westernized Russia
                  1. Built a navy, reformed education,religion,army, and the goverment
                  2. Catherine- expanded the territory of Russia
                    1. Ivan the territory- reduced the power of Boyars, expanded the Russia territory, and defeated the tartars
                    2. Rulers
                      1. Ivan the Terrible
                        1. Killed anyone who went against him
                          1. Killed his son in a fit of rage
                          2. Catherine the Great
                            1. Expanded Russia Territory
                              1. Came to power after her husband 'mysteriously' died
                              2. Peter the Great
                              3. Modernization
                                1. Navy Built
                                  1. Reformed Education, Religion, the army, and the government
                                    1. Brought by Peter the Great
                                    2. Westernization
                                      1. Followed neighboring countries
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