Coordination and Control

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Biology Revision on the nervous system, hormones, pregnancy and plant hormones

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Coordination and Control
1 The Reflex Arc- stimulus, receptor, electrical impulse, sensory neurone, synapse, chemical, diffusion, triggers, relay neurone, synapse, motor neurone, effector, muscle contracts
2 The process of keeping things constant and balanced in the body is called homeostasis
3 Sodium and chloride levels in the blood are controlled by the kidneys. These are lost when we sweat. They produce urine which contains excess salts and water that the body does not need.
4 The Menstrual Cycle- after 7 days of menstruation, FSH is released from the pituitary gland which starts the development of follicles in the ovaries. Oestrogen is released to line the uterus and LH causes the egg cell to be released from the ovary. Progesterone maintains uterus lining. Egg is not fertilised so lining breaks down. Another 7 day menstruation and the cycle starts again.
5 Contraceptive pill contains oestrogen and progesterone or just progesterone. The progesterone pill has fewer side effects but has to be taken punctually.Combined pill is more reliable.
6 Infertility can be treated by injecting FSH into the blood which stimulates the maturation of eggs.
7 IVF- obtain eggs from the ovary before they are released. The eggs are fertilised with sperm outside of the body and the egg cells are allowed to divide into embryos. Then the embryos are inserted back into the womb.
8 If plants grow towards the light it is called phototropism.
9 auxins are hormones which stimulate the growth of cells in stems.
10 Stems grow against the force of gravity soare negatively gravitrophic. Roots are positively gravitrophic because they grow in the direction of the force of gravity.
11 If a root good grow towards water or gravity, it would grow towards water. This would make it positively hydrotrophic.
12 The weedkiller 2,4-D causes rapid growth of the weeds as they absorb the weedkiller by the roots.The rapid growth causes the plant to die as it is so abnormal

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