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This is a revision mindmap for one of the topics in GCSE R.E.

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Looking for Meaning
  1. Christian funeral rites:
    1. Some Christians prefer to be buried while most others want to be creamted
      1. At the funeral, a passage is read from the Bible.
        1. Some songs may be sung
          1. The minister/family members/friends will talk about the person
            1. At the end of a burial service, the words "EARTH TO EARTH, ASHES TO ASHES" are said to remind us that God is in charge
            2. Muslim funeral rites:
              1. Before a Muslim dies, the Adhan will be final words he hears
                1. Body will be washed and prepared for funeral
                  1. Imam leads the prayers at the mosques and graveyards
                    1. Funeral usually takes place in 24 hours and only men attend
                      1. Funeral should be as simple as possible
                      2. How do people respond to God?
                        1. Muslims pray five times a day as requires
                          1. Giving money to charity
                            1. Christians read the Bible and pray
                              1. Christians tell others about God and His beliefs
                                1. Christians worship God at home and in Church
                                  1. Muslims go on pilgrimage to Hajj
                                    1. Living the sort of life that God requires
                                      1. Kindness
                                      2. How do people experience God?
                                        1. Awe
                                          1. A revelation
                                            1. Prayer
                                              1. Reading a Holy Book
                                                1. A miracle
                                                2. Islam and Symbols
                                                  1. There are 99 names of Allah that express His qualities e.g. Allah the Forgiving
                                                    1. The headscarf is a sign of honesty, modesty and comittment to Islam
                                                      1. The crescent moon and star symbolise that the Muslim faith will grow as the moon does throughout the month
                                                      2. Christianity and Symbols
                                                        1. Cross is mostly used to remind Christians of how much Jesus sacrificied to give them life
                                                          1. Candle is used as a symbol of light and of good overcoming darkness
                                                            1. The trinity is symbolised by water, ice, steam or a three leafed clover
                                                            2. Christianity and the Afterlife:
                                                              1. Souls stay on after death
                                                                1. They will go to either Heaven or Hell depending on whether you have accepted Jesus
                                                                  1. Heaven is paradise while Hell is a place of torment and pain
                                                                  2. Islam and the Afterlife (akhirah)
                                                                    1. Life is a test and how we act in it will determine where we will go in the afterlife
                                                                      1. Allah is in control; nothing is accidental
                                                                        1. We will stau in our graves until Judgement Day, when Allah will judge us and when we will go to either Heaven or Hell
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