Science in the Classroom November 9th

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Science in the Classroom November 9th
1 Literacy Development through Science
1.1 Language Arts and the Works of Scientist
1.1.1 Ways to gain reading, writing, and comprehension skills: Science Notebooks; Observation Journals; Data Notebooks
1.1.2 Ways to Review Information Sources: Science Textbooks, Informational Texts, Newspapers and Journals
1.1.3 Sharing Discoveries and Making text connections: disseminating information to peers, family, and community; talking to scientist; viewing science as a global community
1.1.4 Ways to make Science and L.A. fun: Fictional texts, dramatic plays
2 Culturally Relevant Inquiry and Action
2.1 DAST ( Draw a Scientist Test): battles misconceptions and assesses familiarity and awareness of science
2.1.1 Steps of DAST: Draw and Write; Review the drawing and writings; Determine patterns and take action; provide examples of diverse scientist and their research
2.2 Inquiry Process Skills: Ask science related questions; determine ways to answer the questions; interpret finding; make decisions; communicate results; become scientist during the process
2.2.1 Make Observations; Exam Information; Plan Investigation; Use Tools to gather, analyze, and interpret data; make predictions and propose explanations; communicate results; teach inquiry skills
2.2.2 Teacher as a Facilitator includes effective questioning
2.3 Integrate science into Language Arts, Math, Fine Arts, and Social Studies in order to expand opportunities
2.3.1 Extend Science beyond classroom: informal learning and field trips; outdoor areas and nature centers; museums and science centers; zoos and aquariums
3 KEY: Light Purple: Broad Overview and title; Green: Overview for each chapter; Magenta: Main ideas from each chapter; Blue: supporting details
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