Quarter 2 Book Prodject

Mackenzie Norvil
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Quarter 2 Book Prodject
  1. The Books of Elsewhere The Shadows
    1. Charecters
      1. Olive DunWoody
        1. Curios
          1. Smart
          2. Morton
            1. Young
              1. Pale
              2. Horatio
                1. mysterious
                  1. A "Familiar"
                2. Setting
                  1. Modern
                    1. An Old, mysterious House
                    2. Main Conflict
                      1. Conflict: Aldous McMartin died but found a way to live forever. His house is full of crazy powers and he wants his house back. His grand daughter, Annabelle, set him free. Now Olive and another painted boy have too stop him!
                        1. Cause: Aldous McMartin dies but before that he paints magical paintings that can come to life. He paints a portrait of himself, and his granddaughter Anabelle. Annabelle gets loose and try's to kill Olive.
                        2. Theme
                          1. Don't let curiosity get the best of you. If you do, then you just might die!
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