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Running in attack


Pe coursework mind map- factors affecting a skill
Morgan Morris
Mind Map by Morgan Morris, updated more than 1 year ago
Morgan Morris
Created by Morgan Morris over 6 years ago

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Running in attack
  1. Power
    1. Lower body
      1. Leg drive
        1. Break tackles
        2. Measurements
          1. Gain line success
            1. Yards made
              1. Players beat
                1. Footwork
                  1. Power
                    1. Leg drive
                      1. Hand off
                      2. Speed
                    2. Agility
                      1. Footwork
                        1. Hit gaps
                          1. Fix defenders
                            1. Spacial Awareness
                            2. Speed
                              1. Hit lines
                                1. Beat defenders
                                2. Defensive set up
                                  1. Finding the space
                                    1. Running at weak shoulders
                                      1. Carry or pass
                                      2. Attacking plays
                                        1. Plays of 9
                                          1. Plays of 10
                                            1. Plays of a scrum
                                              1. Plays of a lineout
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