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Business Studies - AQA - GCSE - Motivational Theorists


GCSE Business studies Mind Map on Business Studies - AQA - GCSE - Motivational Theorists, created by Josh Anderson on 11/11/2015.
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Business Studies - AQA - GCSE - Motivational Theorists
  1. Scientific Management
    1. Frederick W Taylor
      1. Worked with Henry Ford (Ford Motors)
        1. Civil Engineer
        2. Assign employees to the station that they work best in.
          1. Piece Rate Pay
            1. Each product you make, you get a sum of money for it
            2. Disadvantages
              1. If there is not a high demand, not as many products are made meaning less money.
                1. If the employees make products more quickly so that they get more money, the quality of the products could decrease.
                2. Advantages
                  1. Motivates employees to work harder to get more money
                    1. Easy to increase pay (for employees)
                      1. Easy to identify better workers (more efficient)
                        1. Employees are likely to become specialists in their field
                        2. Late 1800s, early 1900s
                        3. Hawthorne Effect
                          1. Elton Mayo
                            1. Psychologist
                              1. Hypothesis was that better lit areas had better workers.
                                1. Production in better lit areas did increase, but so did production in the other factory that did not have better lighting.
                                  1. Mayo found that it was not actually the lighting that affected the production but in fact it was the staff supervision.
                                    1. Following this, the personnel department was created.
                                1. Disadvantages
                                  1. Personnel staff must be paid.
                                  2. Advantages
                                    1. Motivation increased
                                      1. Fear/wanting to impress staff
                                        1. Better quality treatment
                                            1. Creativity levels increased
                                          1. Happiness levels increased
                                          2. Hierarchy of Needs
                                            1. Abraham Maslow
                                              1. American Psychologist
                                              2. Treat each employee according to their needs
                                                1. Physiological Needs - Food, water, shelter, clothing, etc
                                                  1. Safety needs - Health and safety
                                                    1. Social needs - Break time
                                                      1. Esteem needs - praise
                                                        1. Self-actualisation - Creative self-growth, meaning in life.
                                                  2. 1954
                                                  3. Hygiene and Motivators
                                                    1. Frederick Herzberg
                                                      1. American Professor
                                                      2. 1950s & 1960s
                                                        1. Motivators - Positive satisfaction (if done) or no effect (If not)
                                                          1. Achievement
                                                            1. Recognition for achievement
                                                              1. Interesting/meaningful work
                                                                1. Responsibility
                                                                  1. Advancement
                                                                    1. Psychological
                                                                      1. Work - Promotions
                                                                    2. Hygiene - Some satisfaction (if done to a good amount) or negative effect (if not)
                                                                      1. Company policy and admin
                                                                        1. Higher staff supervision
                                                                          1. Pay
                                                                            1. People think they deserve what they are paid, it will not particularly motivate them, but they will feel demotivated if they are not paid.
                                                                            2. Interpersonal relationships
                                                                              1. Working conditions
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