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Brain disorders


Glossary of some neurological disorders.
Daniel Alzamora
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Brain disorders
    1. The child usually displayed motrizmente inhibited and passive tense. It is shown as a fear of relationship with the other.
    2. Broca's aphasia
      1. Flowing sparing no understanding, language also has an alteration in repetition and naming.
      2. Wernicke's aphasia
        1. Essentially characterized by sensory or comprehension of language (verbal deafness and blindness)
        2. PARATONIA
          1. The individual cannot relax and unintentionally further increases stiffness.
          2. HYPERESTHESIA
            1. Today known as mechanical allodynia, it results in a heightened sensitivity to the different senses.
            2. Functional Dislalia:
              1. It is the joint disorder caused by a malfunction of the articulators.
              2. Scattered Syndrome Care
                1. It has steadily failure to focus attention or make mistakes in school performance, work or other activities.
                2. hypoactivity
                  1. What happens is that they have less response capacity. Maturity and psychological support to your advantage.
                  2. Maniere
                    1. It is an inner ear condition that causes dizziness or vertigo, hearing loss and ringing in the ears (tinnitus).
                    2. GLOBAL AFASIA
                      1. A condition in which patients suffer from severe communication disabilities as a result of extensive damage to parts of the brain in charge of language.
                      2. AMYOTROPHIC LATERAL SCLEROSIS
                        1. ALS is a degenerative neuromuscular disease type.
                        2. Conduction aphasia
                          1. Paraphasias entity with frequent repetition and alteration of the nomination, reading and writing.
                          2. HYPERALGESIA
                            1. Abnormally increased pain sensitivity
                            2. ANESTHESIA
                              1. It corresponds to the disappearance of all sensations in one part of the body
                              2. FARSIGHTEDNESS
                                1. It is a refractive error, which means that the eye does not refract or bend the light properly and the images are not clearly focused
                                2. OTITIS
                                  1. It is a general term for infection or inflammation of the ear.
                                  2. DYSPHAGIA
                                    1. Subjective sensation of difficulty swallowing, due to poor progression of ingested material from the pharynx to the stomach.
                                    2. MIOPIA
                                      1. Myopia occurs when light entering the eye is focused incorrectly, making distant objects appear blurry. Myopia is a refractive error of the eye.
                                      2. ALEXIA
                                        1. It is the loss of the ability to read, when it was previously acquired.
                                        2. SYNKINESIAS
                                          1. These movements are made involuntarily, by contracting a group of muscles, to make another motion on which we focus.
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