How power affects my attacking play.

Morgan Morris
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Morgan Morris
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How power affects my attacking play.
  1. Feedback from coach
    1. About my ball carrying
      1. To see if my power is showing in games
      2. Video analysis
        1. Yards made
          1. Gain line succes
            1. Defenders beat
              1. To measure my stats
                1. To talk through performance with coach
                2. Defenders beat
                  1. Measure the players beat each game to see improvement
                  2. Yards made
                    1. Measure the amount of yards I make on each carry I do
                    2. Gain line success
                      1. Measure the amount of times I get past gain line per carry
                      2. Training programmes
                        1. 6 week power programme
                          1. Will be the first 6 weeks
                          2. 6 week power and plyrometric programme
                            1. If plyrometric training makes a big difference to my power
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