Russian Recvery after WW2 (part 2)

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Russian Recvery after WW2 (part 2)
  1. Post-war purges
    1. Stalin was still paranoid+ suspicious
      1. 1949: Wide-range purging of Leningrad party
        1. Carried out by Beria's secret police
          1. Thousands of arrests including: Voznesensky (head of GOSPLAN) and Kuzntesov (secretary of committee in charge of secret police)
            1. Beria+ Malenkov used 1949 purging to get rid of rivals
          2. Campaign against 'Bourgeoisis"
            1. 1951: Mingrelian Case
              1. Mingrelia= birthplace in Georgia of Beria
                1. Stalin thought Beria was too powerful so arrested high-ranking Mingrelians
                2. Marshal Zhukov :gained good reputation in the war
                  1. Demoted from military and removed from committee and Moscow
                3. Anti-semitism
                  1. 1952: Stalin ordered Kagonovitch (a jew) to prepare a list of Jews to resettle in Jewish republic of Birobidzhan
                    1. 1953: 'Doctor's Plot' announced in a Moscow hospital
                      1. Most arrested were Jewish
                        1. Led to attacks on Jews by Russians
                      2. Stalin's Death
                        1. March 1953: Stalin collapsed at his dacha (countryside home) from a heart attack
                          1. Declared dead on 5th March
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