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HIV Mind Map
Jeremy Beane
Mind Map by Jeremy Beane, updated more than 1 year ago
Jeremy Beane
Created by Jeremy Beane over 6 years ago

Resource summary

  1. Prevention
    1. Primary Prevention
      1. Safe sex practices
        1. Abstain from IV drug use
        2. Secondary Prevention
          1. Screening tests
            1. Routine Primary Care Testing
              1. Non-Traditional Testing
            2. Tertiary Prevention
              1. Antiretroviral Therapy
                1. Drug Adherence
                  1. Drug Resistance
                    1. Side Effects
                    2. Healthful living
                  2. Environment or Social Determinants
                    1. Socioeconomic status
                      1. Access to prevention and healthcare
                        1. Community Resources
                          1. Non-Traditional Testing Locations
                        2. Educational Status
                          1. Sex Education in Schools
                          2. Human Rights
                            1. HIV Health Policies
                            2. Social Acceptance
                              1. Peer Group
                                1. Cultural Beliefs
                                  1. Religion
                                2. Stages of HIV Infection
                                  1. 1: Acute infection: flu-like symptoms
                                    1. 2: Clinical latency: slow replication of HIV virus that without treatment may last up to 10 years
                                      1. 3: AIDS: CD4 cells fall below 200 cells/mm3 or development of opportunistic infection
                                      2. HIV Life Cycle
                                        1. 1: Binding: Virus attachment to CD4 cell
                                          1. Entry Inhibitors
                                          2. 3: Reverse Transcription: HIV uses cell machinery to convert its RNA into DNA using the enzyme reverse transcriptase
                                            1. NNRT Inhibitor drugs
                                              1. NRT Inhibitor drugs
                                              2. 2: Fusion: cell membrane and virus envelope fuses, allowing HIV to enter the cell
                                                1. Fusion Inhibitor drugs
                                                2. 4: Integration: HIV inserts its DNA into the cellular DNA using the enzyme integrase
                                                  1. Integrase Inhibitor drugs
                                                  2. 5: Replication: HIV uses the cellular machinery to make copies of the viral proteins
                                                    1. 6: Assembly: As new viral components are made they move to the cellular surface to assemble
                                                      1. 7: Budding: Newly assembled viruses push out of the host cell and mature using the enzyme protease
                                                        1. Protease Inhibitor drugs
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