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it is a relection on a video related to purpose of schooling

Resource summary

    1. Student are taught to blend in as a community
      1. Students have their own lunch duty/ schedule
        1. Duty: Some students were asked to take and serve lunch
          1. Duty: A student is assigned as milk boy
            1. Duty: Everyone have to clean the school area like hallway,class at noon
          2. Students are taught to respect the culture/ the system
            1. A student checks whether students that are asiigned for lunch follows the cleanliness procedure
              1. the school have very systematic lunch break where students are asked to follow it as one class.
                1. 2 Students check the quantity of leftover food from on-duty group
                1. students are taught of different other skills/responsiblilty
                  1. the students have their turn of planting/ growing vegetables
                    1. Students have to handle their lunch break for their class with teacher's guidance
                      1. Student are taught with leadership's quality
                        1. 2 student give speech and check the leftover food
                          1. students organize thierown lunch break including taking the food cart from canteen
                        2. students are taught sense of self-dispilines
                          1. Students have to bring theirown chopstick ,toothbrush,mug and etc from home
                            1. Students have to clean their places after their lunch,recycle their milk container and clean school area at noon.
                              1. Student have their regular setting of lunch table before they have their lunch.
                            2. SCREENING
                              1. Students sre given certain roles to be fulfills
                                1. The roles given to different students allows teacher to identify student's talent,attributes and interest.
                                  1. Activity allows teacher to screen and determine student attributes
                                2. PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT
                                  1. Civic development
                                    1. Students are taught to be thankful
                                      1. Students thank the canteen workers before taking the food cart.
                                        1. Students make sure there is no leftover food by distributing the other class members.
                                          1. Students tell the classmates of the food's original source ( potato,pear,fish)
                                          2. Cleanliness are one of major ethique being taught during activities
                                            1. Students have to wear white robe and head scarf for their lunch break
                                              1. Students have to clean school area at noon
                                                1. Students have to brush their teeth right after lunch
                                              2. Emotional development
                                                1. Students learn Sense of teamwork
                                                  1. they become helpful to each other in setting up the lunch for whole class
                                                    1. Students indirectly become cooperative by doing their duty-chores
                                                    2. students learn the sense of togetherness/belonging
                                                      1. they do all their activites together as classmates
                                                    3. Cognitive development
                                                      1. Activity: student-centred
                                                        1. Students learn to handle theirown responsibility/ duty during lunch break
                                                          1. teacher only act as guidance
                                                        2. Vocational development
                                                          1. Students learn a proper way and procedure to handle food and cleanliness
                                                            1. Students are properly taught of eating-table etiquttes
                                                              1. Students properly set up their table to eat lunch
                                                            2. Social development
                                                              1. Student are nurtured with good moral values
                                                                1. respect
                                                                  1. be responsible
                                                                    1. teamwork
                                                                      1. leadership
                                                                  2. CLASS REPRODUCTION
                                                                    1. its lunch break is a sort of ideology of how students should be educate on ethique
                                                                      1. it have become a good habit for students
                                                                        1. students already used into bringing compulsory items for lunch such as chopstick
                                                                          1. Setting up theirown tsble before lunch
                                                                      2. TRANSMISSION OF KNOWLEDGE
                                                                        1. FACT
                                                                          1. the importance of proper ethique of eating and cleanliness
                                                                          2. Principles and laws
                                                                            1. PROCEDURE/PROCESSES
                                                                              1. Student learn systematic way to serve food
                                                                                1. All Students learn to obeys the whole cleanliness procedure before,during and after lunch
                                                                                2. Concept
                                                                                  1. Students are able to learn
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