Fertility Treatment Islam Viewpoints

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Islamic views on fertility treatment

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Fertility Treatment Islam Viewpoints
  1. Artificial Insemination by husband/partner (AIH)
    1. Acceptable Reasons
      1. Doesn't bring a third party into the act of love
        1. The Qur'an says 'Go forth and multiply'
          1. If Artificial Insemination is the only way a couple can have children. they are still doing what Allah wants.
        2. Unacceptable Reasons
          1. The doctor has to insert the sperm in the womb this could be seen as Zina (adultery)
            1. Allah creates life so if a couple can't have children then they should accept that and not go against Allah's plan for them.
          2. Artificial Insemination by donor
            1. The donor can be known or unknown
              1. Unacceptable Reasons
                1. Most Muslims are against AID because a third party is involved by the donor giving sperm. this is seen as Zina (adultery)
                  1. Forbidden in Islamic countries
                    1. It allows unmarried women to have and raise a child by themselves
                      1. It allows homosexual couples to raise a child
                        1. If the child finds out who their genetic father (donor) is different to the father that brought them up, they could be very upset.
                      2. Surrogacy
                        1. A surrogate mother is a woman who gives birth to someone else's child
                          1. Under British law the surrogate mother has to hand over the baby once it is born
                            1. Muslims disagree with surrogacy because
                              1. A third party is involved
                                1. When the child is old enough to know it might be upsetting
                                  1. It is Allah who decides if a couple should have children and it shouldn't be interfered with.
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