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Essay 1 - Aidan
1 AOKs
1.1 History
1.1.1 The study of past events
1.1.2 History is not the past, but our interaction with the past.
1.2 Arts
1.2.1 The observable form of the expression of emotions
1.2.2 Emotion plays a large role in generating knowledge and creating art
2 WOKs
2.1 Memory
2.1.1 storage of knowledge of history
2.1.2 Use of memory and emotion in generating knowledge in history compared to the arts
2.2 Language
2.2.1 main way of communication in most cases but there are exceptions in art and history
2.3 Emotion
2.3.1 Could this alter the way a historic event is perceived?
2.4 What is the role of each WOK in generating reliable knowledge?
3 Title: In gaining knowledge, each area of knowledge uses a network of ways of knowing.
4 Possible KQs
4.1 How does a network of ways of knowing generate reliable knowledge in history and arts?
4.2 How is knowledge communicated through a network of ways of knowing in history and the arts
5 Claims/exploration
5.1 How can emotion change the way people remember historical events?
5.1.1 Example: in a war when party A has lost, they will remember it as a "valiant effort" while party B will remember the war as "a major victory" Link to art and emotion: Statues or paintings as ways of communicating knowledge and emotion based on wars and conflicts
5.1.2 Explore: Can history be conveyed without emotional input?
5.2 Is memory a reliable WOK for communicating knowledge claims in history?
5.3 KCs are communicated through history using all three WOKs
5.3.1 Art is often used as a medium to communicate historical events Role of emotion and its effect on knowledge generation Use of emotion in the art Guernica (Picasso)
5.3.2 Memory: reports or recounts on an occurance or event Flaws in human memory Use of recording machines can counter this
5.3.3 Language used to communicate and spread knowledge of historical events Language barrier
5.3.4 Emotion conveyed through communicating historical events
5.4 KCs generated by viewers of art and are understood through the WOKs
5.4.1 Emotion as a medium of communication No truth in art Definition of reliability
5.4.2 Memory serving similar purpose in arts as in history (storage) faces in dreams Criminal sketch artists
5.4.3 Language not commonly used The "language of art"
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