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Essay 1 - Vinay
  1. (Science) Claim 1: Reasoning of human science to the exclusion of others establishes objectivity in the human sciences.
    1. (Science) CC 1 : Both objectivity and subjectivity are established by WOK's like reason, emotions etc. Objectivity alone cannot be used to study the sciences.
      1. Only reasoning skills help to show the truths in science. Objectivity is looking at things beyond our sensory perception.
      2. KQ: To what extent from all viewpoints using the network of WOKs can justify the expressions of truth in Natural science and History.
        1. AOK: Human science & history
          1. WOK: Network of WOK's (reasoning, perception, emotion, intuition)
          2. (Science) Claim 2: The WOKs complement one another to promote personal knowledge in science.
            1. (Science) CC 2: But the WOKs that encourage personal knowledge eventually promote shared knowledge in science.
              1. The WOK's finally promote shared knowledge. All personal knowledge needs to be accepted by the scientific community so that it becomes shared knowledge.
              2. WOKs(personal senses, perceptions, emotions, reason, intuition) help to strengthen Personal knowledge.
              3. Knowledge can be divided into different sections or areas of knowledge (AOK) for analysis and interpretation
                1. Knowledge is analysed from different outlooks using all the feasible elements of human nature like emotion, language etc.
                2. (History) Claim 1: One can claim that emotion as a way of knowing is an impeding element to determine the accuracy of historical data.
                  1. Accuracy of data is a subject of debate as there is no proof that data has been recorded accurately.
                    1. (History) CC 1: it can be otherwise argued that history facts are a matter of contention.
                    2. (History) Claim 2: Perspectives are generated during the study of the past so as to anticipate behavioural changes and future events that follow similar nature and pattern.
                      1. (History) CC 2: On the contrary, perspectives cannot be generated to make predictions in history where we cannot find trends
                        1. Future’s unpredictability prevents perspectives to be formed where we cannot find trends.
                        2. Perspectives in history can predict future. Studying moral values, political leaders and large trend changes
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