States of Matter

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States of matter

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States of Matter
  1. Solids
    1. Matter in the solid state has a set size and shape. A solid’s size and shape do not change easily. On Solids particles are tight up.
      1. Examples: Rocks, Desks or Books
    2. Gas
      1. Matter in the gaseous state does not have either a set size or a set shape. It can expand to fill a large container, or it can be squeezed into a smaller container. Particles on Gases are spread out
        1. Examples: Air or Helium
      2. Liquids
        1. In the liquid state, matter has a set size, or amount. However, its shape depends on its container. On liquids particles calls are a llittle spread out.
          1. Examples: Milk, Water or Orange Juice
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