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states of matter


9th grade Chemistry Mind Map on states of matter, created by victoria styles on 11/18/2015.
victoria styles
Mind Map by victoria styles, updated more than 1 year ago
victoria styles
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states of matter
  1. solids
    1. solids are hard
      1. they have a fixed shaped
        1. and are not compressible
          1. because the particles are packed
            1. closely together and cannot move
              1. h20 ice= <0 degrees
    2. liquids
      1. have no fixed shape & are slightly compressible because
        1. the particles are free to move compared to solid particles
          1. h20 water= 0-100 degrees
      2. gas
        1. gas is very compressible &
          1. takes the shape of whatever
            1. container there're in therefore
              1. they can move around more freely
                1. h20 water vapor(steam)
                  1. >100 degrees
        2. the 4 processes in water are
          1. condensing
            1. evaporation
              1. freezing
                1. melting
          2. the difference between particles
            1. is temperature
              1. temperature is the measure of how hot or cold somthing
                1. is and it is determined by the presence of heat energy
                  1. as you apply heat temperature increases
                    1. cold-low heat energy
                      1. hot- high heat energy
            2. ice to water is melting
              1. water to ice is freezing
                1. water to water vapour is boiling
                  1. water vapor to water is condensation
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