Observing to support CYPs

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using observations for

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Observing to support CYPs
  1. by observing CYPs for planning activities,a person may dicover information such as:
    1. the likes and dislikes of the CYPs
      1. favourite toys, materials, subject matter
        1. are the toys/ materials readily avalable
          1. is the activity easily moulded around their favourite subject matter?
        2. a CYPs prefered play method
          1. construction, imaginative and so on
          2. Prefered people to play with
            1. Practitioners, other CYPs, both
              1. If only one, why not the other?
                1. any issues with one of the groups?
                  1. bullying, depression ....
            2. When is the optimal time for the activity?
              1. Morning/ afternoon
                1. why?
                2. after a certain lesson
                  1. Why?
                  2. how are they on the day
                    1. does a illness alter the outcome of the observation?
                  3. what activity will best suit the needs of the child
                    1. any restrictions?
                      1. which of the P.I.L.E.S
                        1. how?
                      2. resources?
                        1. readily avalable
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