Technology skills audit

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Technology skills audit
  1. GoConqr
    1. This website allowed me to creatively publish my groups ideas and information instead of just writing all out on the blog post. It allows me to make mind maps, notes, a quiz, flashcards, and slideshows. However I have only used the mindmap and flashcards sectors.
    2. Google slides
      1. This application was very useful as it allowed me to make slidesshow power points, also aother way of displaying my work instead of just writing on the blog.
      2. Prezi
        1. This is another software that has allowed us to be creative
        2. Camera
          1. We learned how to use a camera properly, how to insert and take out disks, how to focus/unfocus and how to adjust lighting, lastly, how to zoom in and out
          2. Tripod
            1. We learned how to adjust the length of the legs, also the tripod allows us to keep the camera at the right level amd angle we want. It also enhances the steadiness of the camera.
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