Body Planes

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Body planes

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Body Planes
  1. Medial
    1. Towards the midline
    2. Lateral
      1. Away from the midline, or the other side of
      2. Intermediate
        1. Between medial and lateral
        2. Proximal
          1. closer to
          2. Superficial
            1. external, towards or at the body surface
            2. Deep
              1. internal
              2. Distal
                1. Further away
                2. Transverse
                  1. Cut through middle, horizontally
                  2. Median
                    1. sliced down the middle
                    2. Frontal
                      1. Face on
                      2. Dorsal
                        1. Posterior
                        2. Ventral
                          1. Anterior
                          2. Inferior
                            1. Below
                            2. Superior
                              1. Above
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